Un-noticed Implications


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I loved you.
I still do.
Did you feel me,
When I moved within you?

When I kicked and twitched my tiny feet,
Flexed my small fingers,
To the sounds of your heartbeat.

I felt you.
You were beautifully warm.

I wish I could go.
I wish I could return.
To that moment when you told yourself,
You didn’t want me anymore,

Why did you stop wanting me?
Why didn’t you care?
All I wanted to do was love you,
I wanted to bury my face in your hair.

I never got to feel,
The touch of your embrace.
I never even got a chance to see your face.

The one I dreamt of,
All the time,
Our hands clasped together,
Yours holding mine.

But now that is all gone.
Now I am all gone.

All there is that’s left of me,
Is a small scar,
Below your tummy.

I hope it serves as a reminder too,
Of me,
The tiny life,
That once was a part of You.



I wrote this poem to show that even though an unborn child, may not have a voice, it is a life nonetheless.Therefore, by aborting such a life, it is also killing the beautiful memories and mother-child connections that fetus, nor the mother will now never be able to experience.

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