I wonder if you think of me

During the time in between

When I saw you then

And I see you again.


Do I linger in your consciousness

Like you have settled into mine.

Maybe that's my cautious wish,

To make just one appearance in your mind.


Even in my distracted days

You whip through my thoughts.

Memories of you leave me dazed

And happy more often than not.


Your opinion of me remains unknown

And perhaps that's what leaves me beguiled.

My heavy Pisces heart has flown

And it's sinking in your far off smile.


What could this mean for me,

To be walled up in this tree house

With no ladder down the tree

and no door to let me out?


I suppose I'll just stay here and wait then

While you live your distant life

And if you decide you need a friend

Then you'll see me by your side.

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