Believe in yourself

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Dear Confidence, I know you are hiding deep down inside. There's no reason to be scared there's no reason to hide. I need you more than ever my self esteem is low. I've been hiding in the dark,
I am a kiss I am the rain the knot in my stomach when I step on stage the words I pen with my own hand and the rings on the table left behind by my half-fnished mug of peppermint tea.
When a person looks at themself, all they see is the skin and all the basic features- eyes, ears, mouth, hair (or lack thereof). That's it. That's all.    And, that mentality in itself is a shame.
I will never be perfect. I will never be flawlessly beautiful, Nor unprecedentedly romantic. I will never dance with stars in my eyes, And I will always have a reason to apologize. But among all of this,
We can't judge others it down... NOW!!!
How many fake smiles Have you put on before? When inside your beating heart Is broken and torn. How many tears  Has your pillow held at night? When you lay there, broken,
    V          Doubt     O          Fills every corner of my mind      I           Whispers      I           Dark words of unending peril. Failure      I           Hope
High school was cruel I was told I wasnt good enough I was treated like a fool Trying lead to failure No matter what I did, I couldnt succeed Until one day, someone told me otherwise 
In the path of a deep dark forest, Fear lost herself, The twists and turns, Were as unfamiliar, As the hills of the terrain, On the tip of her tongue, His name hung,
Why does it seem that the world is so naive ? Sittin back and looking around feeling so deceived Brought up worring about doing my best But turning around and only thinking about the rest
    Once just a boy Wretched beast against the foul Earth Entered a coffee shop, when I was but a cloud of a man No thoughts, hush hush, chop chop, then Pencil and paper, whispered to each other
(Total blackness Then a sudden blinding light Shining so bright, you wish for darkness Your stomach begins to force its contents up your esophagus
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