Time for you to pay attention


I get to school take my seatYou take roll while we all eat Our breakfast and listen to your dumb rulesWhich have all of us acting a foolYou slowly go down the roster You peer through your ugly bifocals that make you look like a monster You start the lesson plans for the dayWe all just roll our eyes and look awayYou ask us a question no one knowsWe all just stare at you and your old lady clothesYou keep on talking about how we don't know how to pay attentionI wish someone would get up and tell you "bitch you forgot to mentionWe don't know shit cause you don't teach, we can't learn shit cause you don't speak, we just want to finish school, but that's impossible with someone so cruel , so it's time for me to preach."I know it'll never happen but I can dreamI want to go home, this day is longer then it seemsI need to pii so I raise my handI ask you to go to the bathroom you said" I don't know, can you?" "Bitch, you know I can!" I obviously didn't say that but I sure as hell was thinking of it.I can't stand your ugly bifocals, clothes and stupid fits. I know it's hard since your just a teacher and you do it all for no reasonBut it's time for you to pay attention, so take a seat and listen. 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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