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“Lean back” “No lean forward”   The water gushes and churnes Beneath the silver hull The wind racing through tendrils of blonde
Everytime I see your smile I can feel your eyes carving lies in my flesh Chiseling away at my bones As if your heart is etching lyrics on my eyes, hieroglyphics in my temple,
Anubis is my name, a lonely tour guide is my game Nevertheless I guiding lost souls through the city
If I could go back to 3100 BCE I would make sure to go see The tombs filled with hieroglyphs and mummies I would sail down the NIle and grab fruit from the trees
Once upon a time there lived a young princess She lived in Los Angeles, California But her roots traced back to the Middle East Unfamiliar with much of her culture, she remained stuck in her city castle 
Can you sing great nightingale? I never knew you could sing so well. Do your blood bleed red like ours on papyrus? Do you pray to the goddess isis? Very few have seen you, are you a women of good or evil?
Fields of grains and vines of grapes The smell of sand in the air Temples of gold And stories of gods
Switch lanes, fast pace, different narrow streets Different city, different veterans sleeping on concrete Lone wolves devoured by group of carnivorous pigs Heat-fuelled MACH, punches off the judges' wig
It starts with money. The lack of it, We know it's funny, But bit by bit, It all becomes blood money And it may be hard to admit, Because we know it's just a penny, But to them it's many. For them it's food, for them it's plenty.
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