The Tic

Everything was normal when I was young.

I was happy. I had great friends.

But that changed when I was 13 years old.

The tic said hello to me.

I never knew the tic before.

The tic had weird characteristics--

involuntary noises and movements.


I decided to back away from the tic.

But I accidentally became the tic's role model,

shaking, sweating, and clearing my throat uncontrollably.

The tic brought me anger,



The tic humiliated me anywhere

that a thousand eyes could see.

I got sick and tired of the tic.

Prescriptions tried to defend me from the tic,

but the tic fought back.


Therapists tried to talk me out of the tic,

told me to just tell the tic to go away.

As I grew older, I became stronger

and the tic only visits me once in a while.

But I know that one day

I will never see the tic again.


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