having OCD

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She follows me to where I sleep, hand in hand promises a restful night if only I do what she says this blockade or I cannot rest.  
Everything was normal when I was young. I was happy. I had great friends. But that changed when I was 13 years old. The tic said hello to me. I never knew the tic before. The tic had weird characteristics--
Obsessions and Compulsions pulling me every which way. Step here they say or you will get hurt. Step there they say or you will get hurt. You MUST  do this, you MUST do that.
 Anxiety is believing in magic. If I move my hand the door will hold its lock.  When I tense every muscle in my body the pressure will stop. 
Dear Obsess Obsess Obsess Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Are you really sure we need to keep Checking and washing And checking
Dear Mind, you and I? We've never agreed. For years and years you've pulled the same shit, made the same mistakes, and I'm here to say that I think I'm through. I lay out facts
Dear Obsession,   Consuming my mind Controlling my life Lying in bed
School is stressful, but you know what's worse? My brain.  I'm trapped with thoughts of everything and nothing all at once. But I smile, it's not super fake; it looks realistic enough.
A little line, not straight. A public sign, not up to date. The last box, left unchecked. Time on a clock, that's incorrect. I have obsessive compulsive disorder. It bothers me...
I tried to tell you      When I was twelve years old     That I was experiencing something I couldn't nor wanted to explain    
The bed sheets, There, in the corner! No, the other one! It's not even. No, I'm not kidding, I can't sleep with it like that! The door, The one I locked 6 times? Yeah, that one.
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