Through A Conversation


In my mind

It only makes sense that if you fall into something

You have to go through something

So it surprises me that people always talk about falling in love

But never talk about what they fell through


I fell through a conversation

Paper thin like paper mache it ripped so easily and swallowed me before I had the time to backtrack and ask for your name

And I tried to fight it

Tried to reverse the sand like gravity does not work in an hourglass

I fell through slightly opened lips and deepened voices

I fell through the spaces between your fingers as you run them through your hair,

Kneading intricacies that I wanted to unwind and untwine

I fell off raised eyebrows through brown vortexes of self-doubt and self-depreciation

I was spun around until dizzy

I didn’t know my throat was loose enough to cough up my heart


Two things I’ve learned about the universe

Gravity and attraction don’t stop if you ignore them

They just become commonplace

I’m still falling and I’m waiting for you to catch me

I’m still falling and I haven’t hit rock bottom yet

I’m still falling and I was hoping you’d fall with me

I’m still falling but somehow you managed to defeat gravity. . . 


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