Thoughts of the Lonely



Alone is how I feel when there's no one near, alone is how I hate to be.

And when there's tears coming down and my smile is upside down, I hate that it's just me.

When I'm alone it seems dark and I feel aches in my heart, when I'm alone with myself -

I'm vulnerable, emotional, like I'm on a roller coaster, feeling things I've never felt.

Alone turns to lonely, lonely is more extreme! It's hard to get out of that stage.

Lonely is more serious, and it could be toxic, it's like being in an open cage.

...But if it's open, how do I break free?

There's no complicated lock, there's not even a key.

.....There's just me.

Just me and this cage, I know it's safe in here

Just me and this cage, no one can harm me here!

Just this cage and me, there's no surprise attacks

No heart breaks, no lying, no getting stabbed in the back!

Just this cage and me....

No worries about who will be my friend...

No worries about following the hottest new trend

No pressure about being just like my peers

No expectations about where I should be in 5 years.

Just this cage and me....

This cage and me...

This cage....

...........and me.

ME. Alone..



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