The Things that Make the Scattered Mind Tick


With Aspergers, it's a bit tough.

There's problems that make you think you've had  enough.

From the loud noise to lighting so bright,

When you can't handle it all, you are forced to fight.

Fight what your senses try to push back.

But that never works so you begin to crack.

The noise, it just never stops.

The noise, that comes from crowded shops.

Any noise, that most people would just ignore

Can heat up your brain to its very core.

The squeaking of wet shoes against laminated floors

The blending voices when you try to talk to one individual some more.

You must seem flustered.

Your ears have let you astray.

Yet when they ask if you're alright,

You respond with, 'yeah, I'm okay.'

More ticks can occur and some just don't understand.

They think you're just a problem, a child that's out of their hand.

They think they could get what they want by being stern

However, this only causes your stomach to churn.

You know that they're upset with you, but you don't understand why

You feel you've let them down, so you back away and begin to cry.

It's not your fault and you know this to be true.

You know you're mind is faltered and a bit askew.

All that brain stimulation, all that information

You try to focus on one thing, making it your creation.

A hobby to take your mind off things,

To help you relax and finally spread your wings.

Others might not see what you see about what you love,

But it also attracts good people, friends that fit like a glove.

They understand you now, and you feel you can understand them.

Your friends and your passions have now become your little gem.

This was meant to be said, but others keep to themselves.

Encourage them to speak their mind, or try to understand for yourselves.

Take these words, keep them in your mind.

You might meet someone like this, someone you have yet to find.

Just try to be kind, that's all we ask.

If patience is what we get, than gaining a friend is a meaningful task.




Niel Kirsch

I like it, very deep. Best of luck!:)

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