They Complete Me

I was never complete to you,

the scattered mess of unspoken words and boiling emotions

was far too much to piece together by your own hands.

Each piece of my jagged edges you tossed in frustration

was caught in their arms and pieced together with patience.

We never spoke a word of it

about the flaking of my details slowly crumbling apart,

for they were too sensitive for your carelessness.

I put myself together in five hundred different ways,

ripping apart piece by piece of who I had been to please you.

I tried to mold us into a pattern without acknowledging you couldn't fit with me.

They never once protested and worked with me to create a new frame.

All along I had become so fixated on creating the perfect potrait of what was us

and never once thanked the craftsmen by my side.

They had given me everything you couldn't.

I forced you to be mine and tore myself apart,

wondering why it just couldn’t be you.

I never realized the reason why until today,

they had been my soulmates all along.

Love does not pertain only to romance,

but the people who work by your side and create beauty from your remains.

They took the pieces, ignoring my frustrations,

and slowly put me together just as I had been before we met.

I had been complete all along to them.

This poem is about: 
My family



This is wonderful! So well written! Good images, great pacing and evocative. Well done!


Thank you so much for your feedback, I appreciate it so much!

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