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I'm tired of all the bickering,

mommy and daddy always fight.

My mom working hard in the kitchen,

my dad always drinking bud light.


There's always some kind of conflict between them, 

it never seems to stop.

Once it almost came to the point where someone fell with a plop.


I hate to be home because of the arguments and yells.

Sometimes I feel like I'm living right in hell.


When siblings are at school and its just me and my parents ,

my moms usually locked in the room trying to sleep 

while dad in his truck listening to music not giving a "beep"!


And me by myself trying hard not to weep,

but there's always at least one salty tear trying to escape.

and escape it does, 

running slowly off my cheek.


But then it becomes late 

and I return to await

the same routine that will happen the next day.


Then I'm at school, and feel happy and cool 

with my teacher and friends that will be there till the end.


Then back at home,

relivinig everything again .


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