Everything in life is temporary,

the people you love, the people you hate.

Life, Love, Happiness, Smiles, Tears, Pains, Sadness, Doubt, Anger, Fear, Everything.

Every emotion you have right now is temporary.


The people today will be replaced by the people tomorrow.

Relationships, Friends, Lovers, Partners, Family are all temporary.

You never know when you will lose them, it could be today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next 10 years.

Whichever it doesn't matter, but know that someday they will disappear.


If everything in life is so temporary, then why do we bother breathing, living?

It's because that they are temporary that we cherish each passing day.

The each hour, minutes, and seconds that time allows us to be with each person in our lives and each emotion we experience with them, for them, and because of them.


Maybe the feelings we have today will disappear tomorrow, but its important that they exist so that we won't regret them.


So in the end when we're on our deathbed, we will be able to experience everything in our lives all over again.

Remembering our first steps, our first kiss, our own first child, our own selves that have changed throughout the years that have passed by us so quickly.


So that in our final moments we can say "Thank You and Goodbye"


Temporary = Precious Moments


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