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You're lucky if you spot me travelling past you 'round the road With a hat, hood, and jacket zipped up looking kinda old Just know if I take 'em off, it's time for y'all to go
I'm a fan of Eminem. From 'Without Me' to 'Walk on Water', from his voice to his rhymes, and from Slim Shady to Marshall Mathers.
It's the words of your life You know proof on repeat all day Beat's by Taylor Slim shady' so shady Dropping bombs Faster than you can say sabotage Life's not what you think If you've ever been
Are you down  For some  Of those haters hating Down for  Making thousands of haters That are just disguised as fans Who won't admit they like your shi* They're to busy Wanting to be you
I am a limited edition, I know you don’t like this competition, But I don’t need your permission, To be in this condition,
Listen to Eminem. Get angry.
Scream, Sob, Let it out. Just make sure. No one hears you shout.   Writhe, Moan, Try to breath. Just make sure, No one sees you heave.   Collapse,
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