The Taste of Laughter

Laughter drips from our mouths,

like honey, sweetening 

the room


The sporadic rise and fall of my chest

mimics our buzzing as it bounces

from wall to wall to

our ears which tingle as 

each high pitched sound wave

shoots inside them,


For a brief moment our breathless

shrieks turn into giggles 

but one look into each other’s 

watery eyes rekindles the attack,

and giggles swell into cackles

which grow into the belly-aching-


kind of laughter, a laughter

I can’t pull away from


We’re cracking up,

tears of joy mix 

with the syrupy sweetness,

a savory delight that trickles

past the crinkles framing your 

scrunched up eyes and 

nose, mine lets out an

accidental snort, taking me 

by surprise, and I stop,

only to laugh harder,

my heart fluttering like wings


If someone peeks through

our open window, they will see

two bees drunk on their own nectar,

laughing for a reason long forgotten


After reaching the stage 

of laughing at our own laughter,

the giggles come slower 

and are replaced by sighs 

of contentment as the sweet air 

fills our tired lungs,

and we just sit there in silence, 

basking in this serendipitous

moment, and forget


Forget tomorrow's homework 

we haven't started,

forget your mom keeps

asking for money,

forget reality’s sting


And even though

all that remains of the laughter 

are the echoes in my head,

the sticky taste lingers on my lips,

and oh,

how it is sweet



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