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She claims she’s Pentecostal but we know that she’s not Cause Pentecostal girls don’t give up their twat She only wears skirts in case she meets an actress The skirt comes in handy cause it gives him easy access  
  Crop top on; my hair oh so flat, sleek, and long.   Jordans are my way, makeup on everyday.   Oh I'm such a thot! Who just got bought!     Yesterday I saw a boy   Who's name is "Roy".
Let me get you old geezers hip to the jive I want you to be in the know ya dig  It's the new millineum jive turkeys  So here's the skinny  If someone says "You're bae" 
This word I hear that burns my ears This word THOT meaning 'That Hoe Over There'.   The disrespect slandering the female race also describes the male who's always up for a chase.
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