Take a Moment

Look around you weary traveler

I promise it is grand

If you could but shed

The sadness with you stand


To grief filled eyes

The rain mirrors tears

But brighten and be wise

The rain brings life to further years


Yes sit wit me, melancholy's child

Try to think not of your woes

Only see what now lies around you

Unswayed by man’s throes


She holds out her hands to us

But cares not if we take shelter

It’s not her choice but ours

Whether we open our eyes to see her


For Nature’s dress is always fine

Our recognition alters her not

Ever present is her beauty

To precious to be bought


People wreck her health

Try and mimic her powers

Play her parts like tiny gods

Using her fires, lands, and waters


Trees disappear behind towers

Her plains buried under concrete

In our vain belief of ourselves

We feel our beauty can compete


Yet here we are but fools

Stuck in the dangerous illusion 

That hand of man builds grandeur 

Over Nature’s perfect patterns









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