Take a Good Look

Take a good look at me,

Go on, tell me what you see.

Do you see beauty, rich and deep,

that's remembered throug eternity?


Is it long, straight hair, the color of summer rays?

Is it cornfower-blue eyes, deep as the summer skies?

Is it ivory skin, light as the day?

Perhaps, a body that is fashion-model size.


What do you see?

You don't see a girl like that, no siree.

Take a good look..at me


You see short, tight curls, not yellow, but brown

Mahogany eyes, deep as the roots I claim

Skin not white, or ebony-- skin like caramel,  somewhere in between

A body thats thick,with chest and thighs, weighing heavily on the ground.


Take a good look, is it beauty you see?

What is the beauty that defines one like me?

I don't have to be ivory and blue, instead of brown,

nor straight and small rather than full and round.


I take a long look at myself, and learn how to see,

my own definition of MY beauty.


Now, take a look at YOURSELF and see,

your definition of supreme beauty.





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