super typhoon haiyan


When Super Typhoon Haiyan

known in the Philippines as Yolanda

hit the Philippines November 8th, 2013

it left hideous destruction in its path, leaving 1,774 and counting

displacing more than 660,000 people from their homes.

This is the fourth most intense tropical storm ever recorded,

and possibly the strongest that hit a country

but since 2010, the Philippines has been affected multiple times

by these dangerous cyclones.

regardless of where one is from

it affects all of our lives

homes were destroyed

kids were running bare footed with no shoes

people are living in poverty with no food

my heart goes out to all those lives that were lost

it could've been me

i went through it with superstorm sandy

times like this, we need to count our blessings

and be thankful for all the things we have

it can easily be gone within a blink of an eye

remind yourself 

when you say you don't have anything

think about those who have it worse than you


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Good poem. It got the message across. However, I think u may have over looked bear footed. Try the other spelling 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thanks 4 pointing it out

i meant bare-footed

thank you for the shout out

check out my other poems

give me feedbacks-its all about connecting to people

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