Word Warriors 1: Feedback- The Poetic Kind!

Power Poetry isn’t just about writing poems- it’s about creating a community with other (awesome) poets!  Here are some tips for encouraging and inspiring other poets by doing what some of you do best—talking back (nicely, of course):

  1. Reflections. We all relate to some poems more than others. So if you relate to a poem, then why not tell the poet? Lots—LOTS—of poets write during difficult times when they may need help. If you see a poem that mirrors your own difficult experience, offer your support. Just a couple of sentences about why you connect to a poem can make the writer feel accomplished and special. And who doesn't like that?
  2. Spotlight. Is there a word or phrase that knocks you off your feet? Did the poet use rhythm, metaphors, or images that move you—really move you? Comment, and let the poet know! Or, if you’ve written a similar poem, post a link. Know of another poet who writes or slams in a similar style? Tell the author by posting a link to the poet’s poetry or videos.
  3. Community. As a poet yourself, it is important to comment on a poem that speaks to you so that you build a relationship with that poet. This site is about creating a safe community where everyone can freely interact and express their ideas. By giving a poet feedback on a poem, you are contributing to this community. Don’t hesitate to start a full-blown conversation with a poet whose poetry you like!
  4. IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, THEN DON’T SAY IT AT ALL. (YES, we used all caps here. That’s because we mean it!) You might come across a poem that upsets you for whatever reason. In this case, it’s alright to make a comment that says you disagree with what the poet writes, but you should never, EVER, be mean about it or use foul language. If you make a comment that angers the poet, they might be discouraged from writing- and if that happens, who will be around to write their life story? If you come across a downright rude or even questionable comment, please e-mail help@powerpoetry.org and so we can take care of it. 

Click here and here to read some examples of awesome comments made by poets on the site!


Bonus: It's common knowledge that if someone gives you a compliment- even a simple one- your self-esteem shoots up. Take a cue from DoSomething.org and post some mirror messages at school. By posting anonymous notes with positive comments, you'll definitely brighten someone's day. You might even inspire someone to write a poem about the kind message!







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