"Suicide committed suicide"



You sicken me that time in my past,

when you played with me

like I was a puppet a show for all of hell

to see. My motions little,

my emotions running rapid

like the heart beat in my chest

before i took those pills.

Why are you so cruel

why do you tell me im worthless when i know im not.

I hate you, you sicken me.

Suicide you took my love away

Suicide you took my summer away.

but dont think i wont pay you back 

oh you’ll get your moneys worth

I never take and not give anything in return

I'm gonna make you pay for this when you least expect it.

Depression i am your suicide 

Suicide i am the thoughts in your head

telling you everyone wishes you were dead

the only difference is this time its true

suicide i pray you hold a gun to your head

as you lay upon the train tracks

outside the cemetery where my lover is laid.


Imani Sophia

Suicide needs to commit suicide 'cause I'm tired of its b.s. too!


<3 so beautiful the meaning is so deep its increadible

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