Suicide of an Athiest

The mother weeps
The father stares on
Brother tries fists clenched
He has to stay strong
Sister wails, she hasn’t stopped
Bishop says many things
But none are heard by the grieving family
Gone too soon he says
All agree
Much to live for
Solemn nodding
This wasn’t sudden
The tragedy was long in the making
People are blind
They all live in ignorance
They ignored him
Rejected by his peers
In obvious torment
None asked the questions
They were afraid of the answers
He is in a better place
Fewer nods
How does he know?
A Great person fun and outgoing.
More lies.
All Proceed to the grave site.
A long black snake
Coiled around the large wooden box
This was the better place
He would rot away leaving nothing
Some wonder why
Others do not.
Some Cry
Others do not
The hearse is quiet.


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