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Dear Mom, why do you hate me? Is it because of secrets that have come out lately?  That I do not love the same way you do,  Or do not follow religion as if by voodoo?
The sky has turned grey, the world a state of decay. What is there left to do, when they all count on you? Save them from a god, who they think no longer cares? Bring them into the light of truth and disappoint them?
Sometimes I sit up at night I can't help but to dwell on all of the things wrong with me i'm lonely most nights I try to figure out why i'm alone
When one person comments a crime, it's called being mute. When one person acts upon anger instead of self-control, it's called being blind. When one person born and raised a fool,
The mother weeps The father stares on Brother tries fists clenched He has to stay strong Sister wails, she hasn’t stopped Bishop says many things But none are heard by the grieving family
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