Sturdy & Hollow


Hey little birdy,

The one by my window;

I see your colourless wings so sturdy

And those dark eyes so hollow.

Birdy, take me with you. 

I want your freedom;

I want to fly in the blue.

So come little birdy, come,

Fly me as far as you're able.

Take me away from this place;

Full of unkown hatred and fables.

Love me too, little birdy, love me with a simple grace.

Your love and freesom are all I want;

Are all that I'll ever need.

These four walls do nothing but haunt,

They take and steal from me with their greed.

Will you not give?

Will you not spread your wings a little wider?

You must have a secret way to living;

Too free and bold to hide.

Hey, little birdy,

The only one by my window;

I see that your wings are sturdy

Ans your black eyes, so hollow

Take me with you when you go.



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