Stolen Purpose

"with liberty and justice for all"
Reciting this line everyday
Do we even understand the meaning?

Is our country based on a sham?
Why make these declarations if they aren't even true.

The only people who experience justice are
the rich.
Money has blinded people
to do stupid things
these pimps think they have achieved
The American Dream.
Is this really the life our forefathers
fought for?
died for?
Kidnapping and extorting young girls for
Man's evil desires.

If they even had an ounce of morality
They would know that this isn't right
These precious daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins, nieces, friends
are defenseless.

but don't look down on the slave owners,
For we are part of the problem as well.
Ignorance has kept our minds closed,
ambivalent about reaching out to the
30 million locked in chains.

If we are to call ourselves humans
It is not enough to think about change,
It is not enough to talk bout change,
We need to wake up and face the facts.

Justice does not always prevail

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

sounds like me when i speak

i advocate, express my thoughts

im outspoken, can feel the words of this poem you wrote

great job and keep writing

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