The Stars Were In Our Hands

Sat, 06/01/2019 - 16:22 -- jdunlay


Overland Park, KS
Westgate St.
United States

The stars tumbled down at once,

White diamonds upon fragile palms.

Hazy sapphires festered and fused,

As if Van Goh’s Starry Night

had been painted by the eyes of

reckless youth overdosed on optimism.


The moon overheard careless whispers;

The words “I love you” tossed with caution in the wind,

And fickle farewells carried a wretched resolve.

None but a rupture of fantasies

which had simmered too long

in the hearts of the melodramatic.


For our spirited souls were entrapped

by lullabies of nearby highways

and the inevitable void of nine-to-five monotony.

Yet, for a single, spectacular night,

The stars were in our hands,

And the universe in front of our feet.


As orange shadows tangoed with the fleeting darkness,

Dawn rested heavily upon uncertain shoulders.

Through the shattered lenses of

rose-colored glasses, all that remained was

the stardust on the soles of our sneakers,

And the poignant parting age often brings.


With spheres of light slowly fading in the

pockets of our jeans, we didn’t know

these years were our good old days.

We just knew this was love,

This was together,

This was home.


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