The Spiritual Court

God is the Judge and the Angels are the Jury.

The Church is the Defendant and Satan is the Prosecutor. 

Jesus is the Attorney for the accused and the bailiff over Satan.

The blood of Jesus is the evidence and the Holy Spirit is the witness. 

Though the accused plead guilty, the charges against them are pardoned. 

Taking up your cross means to identify with Jesus who endured 

suffering for the sake of freeing his friends.

The cross is a universal symbol of sacrifice representing how Jesus gave up 

his human rights so that the world could have freedom.

Crucifying the flesh means to identify with Christ who laid down his life for 

humanity that we may live a life free of enslavement. 

The flesh represents one's earthly desires, lustful passions and natural impulses

that one must put to death daily so as not to be controlled by them.

Pleading the blood means to present the evidence of Jesus' death before the court

so that you may be pardoned for your transgressions.

The blood of Jesus is like spiritual detergent that washes away your sins 

so that the Judge sees no sin and acquits you of all unrighteousness.

Receiving His grace means that while you will sin again, the Judge has already

made provisions of forgiveness and granted you favor to help you be better.

Grace is His unmerited, undeserved and unearned kindness and favor. 

The court is dismissed and justice prevails. 




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Annette M Velasquez

YES! The honesty and emotion of this is beautiful, but more important is the message... Powerful, and upholding God's grace. In these troubled times this needs to be heard more than ever- though there will be tribulation, His goodness prevails.

Passionate Dreamer

Absolutely. Thank you so much Annette for your comment! It means a lot!

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