Solid Ground


 My memory is marked by a beating of the heart

One beat stay alive, yet one beat to shut it down

When I think back, every memory is in blue

And black, like the color of my heart when you were through


The city, is like my childhood house

A box from which I find no escape

If i run out into the street, there is nothing but more concrete

For miles and miles, not a moment to breathe


My mind has become this prison,

My blood swims with a poisonous beliefs

At twenty years I struggle to envision

A better life, joyous relief


Then comes the rain, then comes the sunMarriage brings anewA grace that I've foundA beautiful face Out calls my love Some distant seeming humhanging on the glow of the sunThe face of God in a beloved one He calls me back to reasonBack to truth and to nowI come up from the deep waters Pulled out to solid ground From trauma to traumaMy developmnt was hinderedI pleaded for all help and only knew utter dependance  But the wounds of a faithful friendAnd the patience of a husbandAt twenty three years begin to lift my headAnd those things I thought were ever dead unfurl like winter in the sun and I begin to know what it means to be a woman


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My family
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