Society, Mute Me Not

Mute me not

For I will not be muted

No force or voice can refute it.

I cannot be muted or diluted.

Once secluded, away,

not given the time of day,

You brought disarray while I decayed.

No longer can you.

You can no longer.

Wish for me to repeat it?

I am magnificent

and I can only magnify,


I fly high. I touch the sky.

Dying is so obsolete. No need to repeat.

Society better retreat.

The sky may touch me

But it cannot budge me,

cannot judge me.

You see me?

Once invisible, miserable,

now I am invincible.

Think I’m fictional?

Now that’s inadmissible.

Society Pushing Mute?

Sorry, but I do not compute.

I am astute, so let’s have a dispute.

I’ll pursue it, I’ll do it, Let’s get down to it.


I am prolific, and society is just another one of my critics.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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