She thought she was pretty until society told her she was worthless.

She didn’t fit the description of beauty,

All because she was different.

She used to shrug it off,

Until she was called the unwanted.

She once dreamt upon a star that she too would be lovely like the movie stars.

But what she learned is that society will always tell her she’s not good enough.

She found that crying over the label society had branded her with was not the answer.

Yet she found comfort in bloodstains and too many pills for her brain to take.

She’s cold and broken for what?

The sale of a few magazines and diet pills?

In the end you wonder, who she would be,

 If society wasn’t such a coward and brainwashed young girls into becoming their own mental monsters.

She’s cold, unable to move,

 With tear stained cheeks,

And blood stained memories.

She’s broken.

Unable to face the demons inside because,

The media has grown them too strong.

And she cries out for help.

Screaming save me!

She’s breaking.

The voices echoing as she swallows down her pills,

Measuring herself again to see she is acceptable.

As the voice scream out,

“Your disgusting”

 She crumbles to the floor.

Only words controlling her actions,

As she unravels for the last time.


Is what they wanted her to be,

So she smiled and hid the pain that ripped her heart in two,

As the blade cut through.

She felt numb.


Kept swirling through her mind,

As she cut just one last time.

She felt she was done,

Then she heard a voice,

Not of her own,

Nor the ones swirling, stabbing her with commands,

Demanding she be anyone but her own.

It was the voice of her savoir.

Who wanted to care.

Who just wasn’t loud enough for her to hear.

Kneeled down,

Wrapping strong arms around her,

And becoming not only her hero,

But her reason to love humanity.

Her reason to start over.

Her clean slate.

 Her reason to live again,

This time without all the pain,

Because perfect does not exist.

Society is full of lies and that she now knows how to resist,

How not to fall in.

And how to love herself again,

And just how much society is the one who should change not her.

Or any of you my friends.

All I see is beauty and,

Not a single thing you should change.

You are flawless in my eyes,

Please don’t give in.

Society is a murderer who can harm anyone.


Change society.

Not the beauty I see with in you.

You’re not broken just bruised.

I promise society is the one who needs the makeup for its ugly.

Not you.

I love all of your imperfections.

And so should you.

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Wow I really love this poem. You should read my poems especially "A Real Rose" because I think you would like them. Please comment as well

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