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It should come as no surprise the injustice is a tale as old as time haves and greater-thans ignore broken cries. They take and take, and punch and climb- // Over poor, broken, helpless -- not leaving a dime
Once, you claimed a kind of love, unbeknownst to the receiverRememory*A mother’s desperate love; one in which she sacrifices allRememoryDo you truly love your children, or only what they are able to accomplish?
i. you said they came with rocks so i built a fortress for emotion brick by brick from bitter lies about how you thought it was, to love a woman.  
I’m not supposed to write this poem It’s embarrassing - on many levels, for many people
The horizon faded. The ailerons, jaded.    The winds blew fast and through.    The comms whirred. Myself, concerned.   I clutched the yoke and heard a croak.  
Eigth grade is when I found out That straight did not define me A single small peck On the lips was that it took.   Oh, how scared I was I had grown up around hate That those who are gay
So many things I be want to slur So many thoughts I want to want to ask as time dies I keep it to myself, that is the best way to protect those around If I said everything that came to mind id be shipped off to a island,
A mentor One, or something who shapes you Who defines you Who carves pathways that engrain into your brain That you follow, follow, follow
The tranquility of the living earth Has brought me peace inside But mainly because the things I see For others it will hide   As I coast along this busy world I question myself here
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