So Help Me God


United States
28° 29' 17.5416" N, 81° 24' 1.5228" W

“I do Solemnly swear” Obama said,
An oath which he reached with a trod.
To preserve, protect, and defend Our Nation,
The United States “So help me God”.

A day that changed History,
An important symbol of our governments continuity and permanence where millions join to cheer.
In which a thirty-five-word oath ,
ends one presidents term and begins the next with reassurance for the next four years.

A day that comes but once every four years,
A day where the multitudes came to watch and awed
As the new President of the United States completed his Oath with
“So help me God”

So to trust in God, and promise with his hand on the bible
Deserves more than just an applaud
But to see one man give it all for his Nation and protect his people
“So Help me God”.


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