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I am enough But sometimes I don’t realize that  My imperfections define who I am And often I may think that  My body isn’t perfect 
Dear fellow lesbians who, within one of you, will someday be my wife:   I am SO SORRY for not looking like a Victoria’s Secret model, or even someone who is “slim thick.”  
Body, forgive me. The poking and prodding I’ve inflicted upon you. I’ve wasted hours standing in front of glass prisons, my self esteem hidden behind bars made of stereotypes and a broken society, Body, forgive me.
I always thought of my body as something to be shamed, And this thing named "Fat" as a monster to be tamed. Then I met you and you found beauty in my skin, And now "Fat" is something I'm comfortable and happy in.
I look in the mirror and I like what I see.   Curves. Muscle. A smile. Scars. A rib cage, with a beating heart beneath it. A head,
I am the master of dressing room photoshoots.The queen of Macy mirror pics,The goddess of target twitter selfies I have a changing room ritual, outfit on, snapchat up. I mean, the lighting is always bomb,And I just scored myself a free outfit for
Im flawless... From my feet up to my noggin And anybody that's thinking different, we're surely to have a problem. Im great!! At least, that's what I say when I look into a mirror
I am rejoicing todayBecause even though There is famine in South SudanAnd my country is betraying its constitution Today is the day I celebrate victory on the home stretch 
If You Have Ever Been Imposed On or Questioned:
I am the queen, I am the ruler. My body is my kingdom. It may be quite war torn,
it is saying somethingwhen i feel worthlesssimply becausei have never beenkissed and havenever been adoredby a boy because thatis all I was made forright? 
The giant sleeping in the roomIs what  I'm wearing today.Barely covers the end of my assAccents self with too much skinTied up in fishnetToday,My body is mineThis outfit my body.
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