sleeping beauty

there she was

laid out on a dusty bed

still as a rock

sleeping because

the thoughts in her head

never seemed to stop


oh look, prince charming

handsome as ever

he's come to save her

but the sight was alarming

she'd definitely looked better

before she had ceased to stir


alas, the prince had a plan

to save her life

with a kiss as sweet as honey

she'd awake to this man

and become his wife

and they'd have beautiful babies and money


her lips were cold as ice

when he kissed her oh-so slight

the prince pulled away with a shiver

with much surprise

she didn't open her eyes

the princess continued to wither


"he's prince charming, the perfect man

with a face like that, how could he have failed his plan?"


but she's a dead girl, and his plan isn't jack

no man or kiss could ever bring her back

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