Dark Humor

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My dearest love,    Lying here on the bloody soil, the world seems so free of toil.   Looking into your beautiful, empty eyes, those cold blue glistening eyes,  those eyes I've gotten lost in,
there she was laid out on a dusty bed still as a rock sleeping because the thoughts in her head never seemed to stop   oh look, prince charming handsome as ever
I saw a UFO last night  Right up in the sky Don't you say I didn't I wasn't that high   It beamed it's bright light on me And sucked me through the sky They ripped the clothes right off me
This poem is not important.
The email appeared in my inbox. "You have a new scholarship available," it said; I didn't want to write about a bunch of schlock, So I chose to be truthful instead. I really don't care much for poems,
O Jimmy Walters Your eyes shine like the screen of my phone when I get a text Your voice sounds like angels having orgasms And my heart fluttered when you asked me for the answers of last night's homework
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