Silver inside My Head

All alone I walk through land I stepped on

Looking for the cradle of the gusty wind

The wind that accords glee throughout every minds

Until contentment passed through and sing lullabies

After a long time, the patience I earned took me to a palace

The palace was a woman in silver, shining in every corner

Her vision was permanent to every people around her

She was like a glance when I saw her

She was like a glimpse in the air when I saw her

Is it possible for miracles to cross their paths?

Is it true that doubts are gone, and the luck appears?

The breezy air made her know me, made her as my friend

It might not be the flower I’d expect to grow on the rich soil

The bloomy flower of affection, which will someday live in my words

I treated her as the necklace earning every beauty in its pearl

And she made me as her doll, a lifeless creature living at her dreams

How come did she realize the gift I gave her, the humble whistle of lightness?

The silent scream of sorrow?

This was nothing but a word, a thing that exists on people around us

Sometimes I wander at the streets during nighttime looking through the shiny pavements

Staring at the starlight on the dark sky, thinking of her evermore

I know it was only in my mind, the silver was just inside my head

The sounds I made was for myself, and not to her

Although she was blind to see all the sacrifices

There is still hope on me that will someday live

I love her, but it’s the opposite for her, it’s the invert of her heart

Still, I pretend she’s beside me, taking care of me, loving me

But then, it’s not possibly going to happen

In the middle of the night, a gun was straight through my image

A silhouette of a girl, rushing in through the unknown crowd

Through my eyesight, a strike of light, the girl that I admired

The rush of wind covered me, looking towards the gunman

I became shocked; she sacrificed for a single shot right through my chest

She strengthened her power to spare a soul, a beloved soul

The blood was everywhere, her cries were continuous

She said she admire me as well, it reflected on the mirror of my thoughts

The breath that came out from her lips were gibberish to my ears

Until the words passed, “I love you”

I realized that feigning must be over, but she’s gone

The flower I planted was withered, it dried to death

There is no more a palace that shines like silver

There are no more breezes that will fulfill my contentment

You are now buried in death

You are now on your crystalline grave

We loved each other but when the night is over

You are gone; the river’s just a river

The trees are bare and everywhere, the streets are full of strangers

I am learning by myself, her memories will not fade

Her memory will not disappear for my lifetime

You might be a ghost now but I swear this on my life

Time will not run out, seconds will not elapse

The wind will not be a storm, the pavements will not collapse

You will be never forgotten, no longer be dead

As long as I am living, as long as you are the silver inside my head.
















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