All eyes on me

Watch me stutter, watch me slip

Watch me crumble at the pressure

Laugh and applaud

I craft masks and write acts

Here for your entertainment

A nerd who plays volleyball

Wears dresses, wears sweats

She's weird

Weird you say

Watch me crush it on stage

Then after tremble for days

I race the fire

Nerves lit by anxiety

But slacken the pace

And I depress into shadows

I wish I could paint my face

Disappear into a story

Forgetting that if someone cared

To pick me up and read me

They'd sympathize with the protagonist

So I strap on combat boots

Armor my body in lyrics

Wear dogtags proudly ‘round my neck

My pencil becomes my sword

And I'm off to war

To break down the doors

It’s time for the show

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