It began as a shadow,
Flowing in the rays of the sun,
Hidden behind a meaningless form,
It held together false hopes and dreams. 
But one morning it started to stretch,
Wrapping itself around vulnerability,
Rendering all help useless.
It toyed with the lifeless skin,
Cuts and bruises scattered,
And glinted with the sins.
Then the shadow sunk deeper,
Invading any remaining warmth,
The sun couldn't feed the hope,
For it had vanished into the cold.
Deeper and deeper it dug,
Until it had its cold arms around the young girls heart,
The familiar feeling of coldness,
Took place of the loneliness,
And the voices began to speak.
Calling her out in the midest of self hate,
Wishing her another cut, another bruise.
In time the shadow had grown,
Hopelessly it became known,
Only after the coldness took ahold,
Stealing the life of another innocent.
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