Scattered ashes

 <h1>SCATTERED      ASHES</h1> <ins> <p>I am from a family where bubbles exist</p> <p>From a broken home and a messed up wish</p> <p>I am from a crippled yet standing still keeping secrets injured and ill</p> <p>I’m from the home of the devil</p> <p>The living hell with no pleasure</p> <ins> <p>I’m the ill, the grieve</p> <p>The one who cuts and bleeds</p> <p>I’m from a family that’s in need</p> <p>I’m from a dad that always cheats</p> <p>And always feels the need to leave</p> <p>I’m from a mother who favors one over the other</p> <p>I’m from a mother who doesn’t want to keep her youngling</p> <p>In a place where I want to leave</p> <p>Goodbye when I turn 16</p> <ins> <p>I’m from a place where I feel the need to cut my arm out of grief</p> <p>I’m from a place where I cry before bed</p> <p>And give myself a speech</p> <p>Instead of good words that my heart seeks</p> <p>I say what is needed</p> <p>What others think of me</p> <p>Ugly, fat, an embarrassment</p> <p>All those words are my daily pill</p> <p>I’m from a place where I feel the need to question whether or not I should eat</p> <p>I’m from a place where I question my life every step that my feet take</p> <ins> <p>I used to come to school to get away</p> <p>But now it reminds me of all the wrongs I have made</p> <p>I’ve let a good friend slip away</p> <p>And I’ve let my heart break</p> <p>I’m from a place with no escape, where I have no happy place</p> <ins> <p>I’m from a place where self harm is my cure to all the suffering I endure</p> <p>I’m from a place where I have to fake a smile</p> <p>Even though my heart is bleeding</p> <p>And my soul is screaming, begging me to leave</p> <p>I’m from a place where my arm is my friend</p> <p>It holds the embroidery I have sewn in</p> <p>If stay or death were my only options</p> <p>I fear number 2 is the one I’d pick</p> <p>In order for me to love myself through the situation I’m in</p> <p>My blade must stay my best friend</p> <p>And I’d have to dig up the grave that my good friend fell in</p>    

This poem is about: 
My family


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