Scared of Letting Go

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 03:33 -- Roba

I'm scared of letting go

I'm scared to be free 


What if it's not like 

like what I've dreamed 


Pathetic naive 

that's not the least 


Come on get out 

get out of me 


Nightmares in my sleep 

cold blood when I bleed 


Stupid thoughts when I scream 

standing up with tears 


Waking up in fear 

fear of those who are near 


Threatened or warned it's all so clear 

too exhausted to reappear 


Which one of them why's it weird 

weird to think that it's one of my peers 


How about I have a premier 

a premier of my past few years 


Let me see how you feel 

will you stay or leave 


Make me smile hard to believe 

now that I know I'm kind of relived 


Maybe one day I'll open my eyes to see

to see the future that has disappeared 


Scared to let go 

scared to be free 


Learn my lesson 

then come out of the deep


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