Saying, I Love You

He knew my biggest fear was falling in love. Three months into our relationship I was growing a bit afraid. On July eleventh he wore the sexiest silver shirt that made his pale skin color shout. He picked me up at five sharp. My thoughts were racing against each other as if I were having a personal car race being held in my head. Should I be scared? So I say or do I keep to myself? What if he runs away and never comes back? What if he laughs? His lips were the warmest that day. He turned downtown into our personal cloud nine. As we approached the lifeless pond he held me so tight. Our eyes and hearts at this moment were communicating in silence. I gave in, the words, “I love you” came out so natural like the wind. My heart disintegrated into my stomach silently shouting, “What are you waiting for?” He then hugged me even tighter for a year at least that’s how it felt. He let go and rapidly met with my eyes, his words then finally found a way out, “I love you too.”

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