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Never really understood why I loved you so much, I couldn't explain it, you had charisma about you that stood out from anyone I have ever seen, it turned out that when you passed I could finally understand how to put it into words, I was emotional
Broken I was,  There you were,  Lost and alone, until I used my headphones, You felt my pain,  I felt your rage,  I seen you change,
Y’all will never changeY’all will never changeTalk about the hateBut y’all still causing pain Nd Y’all won’t neva bang Cause Y’all can’t neva rideWhy y’all Watched him dieOn ya Insta live ?
Ruined plans. Evil at work. Suicidal, sober, and stardom. Torture, terror, and triumph. Irreplaceable. None can escape. Pistols and pills. Elders and young. Admiration and apathy.
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