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I am confused and loosing focus  The stress of daily life engulfs  I look out the massive clear window to my left  I see a couple jogging side by side, laughing That is when idea strikes! 
Towards the words in the woods on the bike trail I enjoy riding the wind in my hair as I petal as fast as I can. It's like a bird flying it is meant to be.  
Everytime I hear this word, I automatically come back to earth. I feel like I am about put my earphones in and adjust the volume so that it can be as loud as possible.
Bike chain clanks as the wheel crunches dead leaves.  Sunlight sparkles. shadows dance, as birds call cuckoo. Strangers smile and wave as they pass by me, as I ride on with the mountains not far from view.  
When the winds ice your cheek And the pedals are at work, You look to the world around you And you wear a gentle smirk.   The leaves are racing along the road
Someone once said that we shouldn't wait for the storm to pass,  but learn to dance in the rain.  Well, I definitely can't dance,  my rhythm is  weak and my limbs- clumsy. But I know I 
Wind blows finite throughout my hair Dark shadows penetrate my spirit, wrap around my mind, seize my heart
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