This Renewal

Mon, 01/12/2015 - 03:12 -- Atali

Baby steps, I keep thinking

Baby steps.

Take deep breaths and make baby steps

Delicate baby's breath

Those soft white blooms are how I characterize

This renaissance

This cheery light perfume

To temper nonchalance

To keep that balance

Preserve my heart while

Enjoying the ride

Because inside

I'm coming alive

Because inside

I'm bridging that divide

Because now I know what smiling on the inside feels like

This renewal is like

Breathing crisp air on a long walk

Enjoying an old friend

Savoring a long talk

Going deep in thought

Remembering what I had sought

And being reacquainted with a past in the future

Laughing again, is like

Grapefruit bursting in my mouth

Cooling and surprising

Remembering what I stopped realizing

The bliss of this, and how tantalizing

And again, I begin rising.

Like a comforter that wraps, making safety

Enabling for sleep

To come along hastily

New and un new

Exciting and safe

And always a place

Of openness.

Retracing the dotted lines

More clearly this time

And I enjoy each moment of this renewal

Like savoring fine wine

And I am grateful for each moment of this renewal

And bless the past climbs

And I enjoy each moment of this renewal


(December 2014)

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