Is This Really?

Is this really friendship

Do you actually care

If I were to disappear would it have an effect on you

Am I even important to you

Will you throw away our friendship as if it's nothing

If I disagree with your actions or complain will you leave me

Just like you did to our best friend

Would you wake up one day and decide to cut me off

Is this even healthy for me to worry

Is it even right to doubt our friendships

Friends for years yet there is room

For doubt to grow

Do I really want to be your friend

If you don’t even care about my opinions

You care whether or not you hurt others

But when it comes to me you could care less

not listening to me but others

Ignoring my advice but listen to things that would get you in trouble

Going against what I ask of you.

Beg of you not to do Yet you still go and do it

Not even caring if it ruins one of my friendships

Showing you some where that is important to me

Then you turning around saying it doesn’t matter to you

Is this really…….



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