The Rain

Have you ever wondered 

Where all that it's rained?

All at the same time

And how many people that's pained?

Flood gates open

Right over the heads

Of the poor little people

Just daydreaming of beds

Then all of sudden

Sixty-seven umbrellas and wintery coats 

Are all quickly jerked 

From zippered pockets, and handbags, and totes

The rain comes quickly 

And it comes all at the same time

It always seems to be there

Even in the nighttime

It makes you wonder

How does one deal with the rain?

Do you pretend and push it aside?

Or do you face all that pain?


You know the sound rain makes

As it hits a roof?

The patter that you love

Because you know its waterproof?

The sound that’s so constant

As constant as your own thoughts

And you know it’ll always be there to calm you 

In all the rough spots

It bring peace of mind

When you’re laying in bed

And wondering

Would I really know if I was dead?

That patter you feel beneath your skin

Always there, a miracle man

There to remind you: you’re alive

When nothing else can


The tinge of rain

When its fallen to Earth

The sweet smell that reminds you

Of the land’s rebirth

The way its laced with salt 

From the Earth itself

In a way that taints it

Like a child that needs to prove himself

You feel like that child

Tainting what you touch

And you long for the moment

When you’ll grown up, so very much

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