white privilege

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You will never know.   Luckily you will never feel that shaking terror running through your veins like ice.   You will never stare before you down the barrel of a gun
You and your ideas of luck and things that sad men sing and empty rooms bleed. There really wasn’t any need for you to be kind,
I'm so sick of the justice system being so "just us." My people constantly locked in or locked out. Blissful ignorance chose by so many with white skin. So many could care less, and still others choose to ignore and block out...oh so careless.
"Brown" Bears just moved in next door, I'm pretty sure their foregin because of the odor My daddy lost his job to Papa Bear the other day, now we may have to move, Its just not fair! Its just not fair!
She didn't tiptoe. She stomped. Locked the door and hummed sweet sticky syrup over the song she took from us; the song borne from our pain.  Our tunes amuse her.
Pale skin.  Long, straight hair.   Green eyes.  Slimmer nose. Thinner lips.    Everyday I wake up and these features haunt me because I thought they would make me happy.  
As humans, color is a big part of the world as we know it. Different colors mean different things and represent different things and look like different things.  
   Your skin gets you promoted My skin gets me deported Your skin is stern My skin learns But skin is just a layer of tissue
Look outside through your window of immunity are you afraid of what you’ll see?   do not be afraid, the steel bars of supremacy will keep you safe just take a peek Soon you will not be scared of the unknown
These words mean little coming from Me But I feel such loss witnessing a black mistreat Another cop hurting the community Another 50 year old white man Telling you where you should be
I see Native Americans: We stole this from you Black people: We brought you here Mexicans: Get out and stay out
abird in the skyfell to die, yet a will to driveand  mind on restfell into a nestgod blessed! a new kind of test-with feathers, my strengthhis renewal
why is the media scary todayTwenty dudes got married and gaythe world viewed it as okayfor marriage i prayin our flesh we stay the blessed lamb we slayyou want to see my nigtmarestune in and turn on
white girl small town suburbs modest houses, new cars, granite countertops friday nights sitting on leather couches discussing allusions in movies pointing out themes and foreshadowing like it was a joke
Even prior to this movement, I have always hated those who seek equality. I abhor the thought of becoming one with animals that are filthy. Just why even bother fighting for their rights,
What am I without pain? Without discrimination, without hardship? Yet without the talent, the ability For riches, fame, love- Who exactly am I- a person tuck in the middle Feeling like a nonentity
We are all one but we live as if divided we share the same pain and shed blood for what we belive in Yes we all have issues but let us not incorporate that into violence.
It is their mission, To gleefully condition, Our fine nation, To hate a station, no lower than themselves.
Did the end of inequality start in Vermont in 1777 or Did it start in at the end of the first month in 1865. Can we put a date to the day when people realized civil disobedience was
Did the movement really end? The feelings, tensions, all amend? Or does separation still exist? Hatred and doubt with a twist? The current world presents ignorance, Prevalent distrust, shouting for guidance.
Did the movement really end? The feelings, tensions, all amend? Or does separation still exist? Hatred and doubt with a twist? The current world presents ignorance, Prevalent distrust, shouting for guidance.
What did they fight for, Those brave souls marching in the streets? They wanted equality and justice, These two freedoms guaranteed. Facing power and gunfire during their fight
Opression hits hard My spirit holds up with strength Hopes high for freedom
Slavery is equal Revenge is justice Life or death Where’s our breath We run on feet We curse with tongues Hateful words we spray Vengeance we play
Extra! A boy yells from the sidewalk Handing out factual ink In exchange for a dime. Extra! "Black Man Sent to Prison." Intellectuals are confused. He committed no crime. Extra!
We live in a place Filled with promises That are disgraced Where some are privileged and others oppressed While our ignorance continues This disgrace Land of equality Bull shit I say
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