It's so strange and almost silly that I noticed little things about him, sometimes things he might not have realized about himself before...


The way he absentmindedly pulls his shirt collar up over his nose like a turtle hiding in its shell.


The way his texting style changes with his moods and the way he doesn't use apostrophes when he's tired or rushed.


The exact way he stands, putting weight on just one foot with the other lightly brushing the ground.


The way he drums his fingers and sways along with music in a way that is so entirely, uniquely him.


The small sounds he makes: "hmph" when he's doing something mischievous, "mmmmm" when he understands something.


The different ways he laughs, ranging from a subtle, controlled chuckle to a loud, booming guffaw.


The way he gives long sighs through his mouth and short sighs through his nose.


The subtle pout of his lips when he's reading or thinking.


His zoned out expression while he eats in silence, as if every bite grants a glimpse into the heart of the universe.


The way his dimples only show when he smiles and laughs genuinely.


The way he stares at me sometimes, and it feels like he's staring directly into the core of my being, my soul.


The way he blinks slowly and steadily, like a cat, trusting that nothing will change in those precious seconds of vulnerability.


I love every single little thing about him.

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