My Love

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Even when she is away by miles, Everyday I'm missing her smiles, Afraid when my messages piles, But ain't seeing any of her replies, Her love flies to me like the colies, She's beautiful wearing the gillies,
My love for you i cannot hide I want to spend forever in your eyes John you are so special in my heart My upmost love for you will never grow apart
there are times where my mind just can't seem to stop you know? it goes a million miles an hour and all i so desperately want is to breathe. so i grab a pen and begin to take letters
Sometimes I just wanna sing So loud it makes my ears ring But it's not enough It'll never be enough I've got no better way to say   I love you, I need you, I want you, I miss you
It's so strange and almost silly that I noticed little things about him, sometimes things he might not have realized about himself before...  
I can't believe How long it's been Since I've heard your voice Since I felt your skin Since I saw your eyes and felt your lips. I miss you Dearly, my beloved for without you
she's a pretty little girl with a ring on each finger she cut her hair so short like the girl in the picture she's running around being her own brown-eyed-girl in a new skirt each day and
Do you think I forgot about you?...Never...You are my baby...I will always be your mami, baby. I will always continue to sing you lullabies from my heart into the wind.
It doesn’t matter if you have blemishes from those who’ve shaped you; you are beautiful- lean and tall, getting thicker as my eyes travel down.
See i seen this guy,
How do I address U my Love.... The words I find are few, My feelings like the whisper of winds are true You may be far away from my sensual sight Listen the beat of my heart reside in you
Everyone, everywhere love me, desire me let me be in all of your wet dreams and fantasy men, women, all
Neither you noticed The message of my eyes My love  Nor you heard The plea of my heart. Your sparkling image Stays in my eyes I'm in somniloquy  Don’t turn this love Into a passing dream My love Please sleep deep in my eyes.  You’re my life You’re
I love the way you look at me, Your eyes so bright and blue. I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so soft and smooth.
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