The Power in an Attitude


Do not be like a jagged rock;

static, forlorn, yet easily eroded.

Do not be like the mountain;

overbearing, ignorant, unmovable.

Do not be like the wind;

blowing too hot or very cold.

Instead, be like the ocean;

passionate, respected, and unrivaled.

To rise and fall as waves do,

to ebb and flow to match the give and take,

to learn the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness.

The ocean promotes independence and interdependence,

cooperation and coordination,

resources and sources within the ecosystem.

Metamorphasize with the raw power and the beauty that the ocean provides.

Let not relationships fail, to learn to coexist.

Let it grant the ability to break the waves of emotion, maintain serene composure.

Rebuild and cope with ever-changing tides.

Protect and preserve tradition, adapt gracefully to changes.

Its ecosystem is comparable to your community.

Evolve into a better person.

Be like the ocean.

And with that, you can rise above a crash down on a conflict, rest ashored.




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